Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wingardium Leviosa

Hello.  My name is Sarah and I used to blog.

I actually have thought about blogging once in a while.  On rare occasion, I will even write part of a post, before I get summoned to some other domestic emergency.  If I do in fact finish a post, I never get to around to adding pictures and the post goes to die in the elephant graveyard that is my Drafts folder.

But, today is gonna be different.

I have commandeered one of the computers.  Three out of four children are occupied.  The other is sitting next to me pressing the Siri button on my phone, only to yell loud unintelligible statements at her and laugh when she says, "I'm not quite sure what you mean."

The kids are 9, 6, 6, and 2 now.  It's going to be 60 degrees today.  In Michigan.  In February.

It's been in the 50's for 5 days now.  I know this because we have been outside every day of it and gone to get ice cream twice.  We've run into the usual assortment of pasty Michiganders in shorts and flip flops at the playgrounds, and everyone is having a good time.

Today, we're headed to the skate park.  The kids have been dying to go for days, but the local schools had a four day weekend off of school.  This means that the teenagers are hanging out at the skate park and my little guys are in the way.

But, today is a school day, so we'll have the place to ourselves until about 3:30.

Currently the boys are playing Lego Harry Potter.  And Olive is learning the secrets of Minecraft with some of her favorite YouTube gaming personalities.

I hesistate to tell you any of that.  I want to say that we've been working on building a scale model of a trebuchet and researching the theories into the final resting place of Nefertiti.  And, actually those are things that we've been working on this month.  But, right now they are playing video games and watching Cupquake.

And that's where we're at.

I read somewhere that making kids read a book for an hour before they can play video games doesn't teach kids to love reading.  It teaches kids that video games are better than reading.

That does make sense.  It's probably the same thing as making kids eat their vegetables before they can have dessert, right?  (Mental note... must come up with some tastier vegetable recipes.)

I'm still trying to figure this whole homeschooling thing out.  I'm not sure where the balance is.

Sometimes we're researching heiroglyphics and watching Frozen Planet and other days we're playing Ultimate Chicken Horse and mastering our Rainbow Loom skills with Tutorials by A


Finishing this up a day later.

My peaceful moment of writing was disrupted by Lego Harry Potter.  Apparently whomever was Hagrid kept on Wingardium Leviosa-ing whomever was Harry causing a stir.

So, of course you attempt to turn this into a teachable moment by pointing out that there are always going to be people Wingardium Leviosa-ing you in life and you're not going to be able to stop them.  The only thing you can control is how you respond.

But, from the blank stares you realize that perhaps your analogy is not quite appropriate for 6 year olds and move on.

We did go to the Skate Park yesterday.  Or at least we tried.  It must have rained overnight because the whole place was soggy.

They've learned from experience not to use the skateboard or rollerblades on slippery ramps.
So, they tried the plasma cars and quickly decided it was more fun to just run up and down.



Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Past Two Days

Me:  We should be home soon.  Can you wrap the leftovers in tin foil and throw them in the oven?
Jared:  Sure.  Uh.... where's the tin foil?
Me:  It should be in the drawer where it always..... Oh.  It's in the driveway.
Jared:  All of it?
Me:  Yeah.
Jared:  Do you think I could....
Me:  No.  We need it for the river.
Jared:  Oh.  OK then.

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